Generally Psychological stress is associated with negative life events such as experiencing trauma relationships, family conflicts, alcohol and drugs consumption resulting to mental illness and depression. In our program Aradhya, we aim to address the factors that create the circumstances leading to mental stress through Meditation (Mind full activities) and problem solving interactions for working females to rejuvenate their work-life balance. Our mind can often be unruly, noisy, distracted and full of self-defeating thoughts and emotions where our program Aradhya helps people in being less reactive and developing abilities to stay focused.
Aradhya gives a medium to fast forward rewind of their lives to share their personal experiences. Discussing the integrity of being female and motivating each other by sharing their lessons of life inspires them to bring a positive aura among themselves.


  • To reduces stress-related conditions
  • To increases stress resilience
  • To increases positive emotions
  • To increases focus and present moment awareness
  • To increases emotional stability and intelligence
  • To increases your capacity to learn
  • To increases empathy and compassion
  • To increases a sense of connection
  • To be more resilient to changes in life
  • To accept yourself and others
  • To grow emotionally