A Computer literacy program for Government and community school attending kids which focuses on upscaling the technological knowledge.

Key areas of the program:

  1. >Empowering community based children with Computer education.
  2. >Providing basic knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Office
  3. >Inculcating technical skills of computer engineering – installation, assembly and repairs.
  4. >Establishing computerized vocational training centers catering every government school offering training courses in a wide range of occupational skills.  
  5. >Intellectual development through ICT.  
  6. >Improvement in computer literacy ratio in the communities
  7. >Bringing a positive change in the society as a whole.


  • To empower kids of these communities with computer education which will include knowledge in computer programmings such as Microsoft kþce and technical skills in computer engineering – installation, assembly, and repairs.
  • To establish computerized vocational training centres covering every government school oýering training courses on a wide range of occupational skills.
  • To improve education in rural and urban communities by establishing and equipping computer education centres in government schools.
  • To establish Computer Center in government schools specializing in the use of information technology to support the education of girls with relevant local content and for intellectual development.
  • To improve the skills of the students and to increase the computer literacy ratio in the area.
  • To provide adequate education to these girls to make them good citizens and have a better future through computer vocational training.
  • To bring a positive change not only in the lives of girls but in society as a whole.