India has prosperous theatre traditions and strong community support for performing arts and culture. The theatre tradition is widely used in community development, entertainment, educating the audience on the variety of issues and for bringing important information in the open forum. In Pankh, we teach children in an artistic way through sensory and physical activity, importance of body language, stimulating creative thinking abilities, engaging with the audience and positive group connections.
Theaters or performing arts are the heart of kid’s learning, we in our Ramagya Foundation believe in providing them impeccable life-skill trainings by hands-on experiences. We under our initiative Pankh organize theater classes and enhance their vocal and behavioral training though life-skill lessons. The program helps in orienting children together and brings rural-issues, family issues, real life experiences into the light and creates a positive social change by building solutions for the emerging issues by their own.
Ramagya Foundation through its program Pankh inculcates leadership skills among its children allowing for effective social change to come about in communities and organizations.

Focuses on life skills in 4 major areas:

  • Identity development or purpose in life,
  • Problem-solving or decision making,
  • Interpersonal relationships.
  • Physical health maintenance.