Community Focus and Ownership

Ramagya Foundation works on the model of Community Focus and Ownership. The model requires doing assessments and talking with the community when planning a program. Each community faces different obstacles, and designing programs around these unique needs makes programs more effective and efficient.

In the recent times issues which have occupied the community foreground are worked upon by Ramagya Foundation. Participatory projects are designed around the specific needs of the community and are being implemented in. This specialized design also attracts greater involvement and support from the community. Involving the community in the planning and decision making of programs strengthens the relationship between Ramagya Foundation, communities, beneficiaries and stakeholders of the projects. Through the Community focus and ownership model, Ramagya Foundation makes an effort for the Community members to feel more ownership and responsibility for the projects resulting to broad base investment in order to maximize its reach and optimize Community involvement with like minded individuals and organizations globally.

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