We believe that talent can be found anywhere irrespective of class, age, gender or economic status and what better, if this talent of their can help people make their own livelihood or say make them self-dependent. With this belief we have started a new program under the name Saatrang to explore the best out of the students. Saatrang is an approach for the students to bring their creativity on the table. We through this program try to bridge the gap between the unexplored talents and empowerment by up scaling skills through professional guidance The program is for the children who fall in the age group of 6-16 years and have no access to creative learning.
To make our initiative fruitful and to recognize the budding talent in the young kids we have partnered with Kiran Nadar Museum of Arts. Our aim is to provide education, equipment, training and experiences in the field of art and craft to children of underprivileged section. Teachers’ training institutions have to consider and give due importance.