🌈 Nurturing Minds through Play Therapy at Ramagya School! 🎭

Dear Ramagya School Family,   We’re thrilled to share the enriching experience our students had with “Learning by Doing – Play Therapy Activities.” 🤹‍♂️✨  This transformative initiative has created a safe haven for our kids to explore and understand various facets of their lives.   About the Activity: “Learning by Doing” is not just a phrase; it’s a philosophy that came to life through engaging Play Therapy Activities. Our young learners dove into an interactive and experiential exploration of emotions, turning theoretical understanding into lived experiences. Highlights: 🌟 Transformative Engagement: Play therapy provided a platform for kids to navigate and express their emotions in a supportive environment, fostering transformative growth. 🤹‍♀️ Experiential Learning: Instead of just discussing emotions theoretically, students immersed themselves in experiential activities, creating a profound connection with their feelings. 🌈 Identifying Emotions: Through interactive exercises, kids learned to identify, acknowledge, and navigate a spectrum of emotions, enhancing emotional intelligence. Impact:   The interactive nature of this approach has not only been insightful but also deeply transformative. It’s heartening to witness the positive impact on our students as they build resilience and emotional awareness.