1. To assist in the progress of social development of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities.
2. To inculcate skill development and employability enhancement for indigent youth through capacity building and training.
3. Increase access and encourage enrolment to basic primary education in government or private schools through community mobilization for all the children who don’t go to school.
4. To safeguard the rights of children and youth by providing assistance in pursuing education and skill development opportunities.
5. After school support programs for children to minimize the barriers.
6. Acquainting youth with varied government programs, schemes and welfare measures.
7. To sensitize and provide counselling to work towards various social and community-based issues.
8. To collaborate with various government and private entities who are working towards achieving similar goals.
9. To work for the prevention, well being and aid of stray dogs and make people sensitize about the existing animal laws of in India.


32400 +


29000 +


2500 +
Children & Adults

Animal Welfare

800 +
Stray Dogs