Civic Driven Change

Ramagya Foundation(A unit of Purusharth Charitable Society) always had a primary focus to work with and for the community, our philanthropic approach aims to bring positive change in the lives of the people residing in the rural ecosystem. Behaviour change communication is the driving force to accelerate the process of development at Ramagya Foundation(A unit of Purusharth Charitable Society).

To achieve sustainable development in the targeted areas, we aim to provide a platform not only to the communities but also to the indigenous community-based organizations, corporates, international organizations, civic bodies and individuals to be the change-makers of the society by providing resources of their interest.

We encourage eminent community representatives and public figures to take up their social responsibility and motivate people around as role models of the society they are part of. We have also made documentaries highlighting vital social issues and disseminated them through mass mediums like newspapers, magazines, television and social media to engage different sections of civil society.