Art of Storytelling at KNMA

Ramagya Foundation organised a storytelling workshop ‘BHAAV – Art of Storytelling’ at KNMA, from 21-26 June 2022. The students learnt interaction, story making and narrating basics and performing with expressions. DAY 1: Introduction, rapport establishment, storytelling by Simi mam. DAY 2:  KNMA visit and expression of different emotions. DAY 3: Group formation, museum revisit, selection of ideas for story making and practice of expressions. DAY 4: Story making, dialogue writing and narration. DAY 5: Practice story and role play. DAY 6: On-stage performance by kids.   Commendable performances were given by kids. To boost the morale of children, certificates of participation were given. Also, the students were provided with T-shirts and refreshments.