Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Program


As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has created an alarming situation in the country, it has increased the mobility of the destitute section of the society in search of food and shelter during the crisis. Many of us while checking our stocked kitchens during the lockdown have felt a moment of gratitude for the economic and food security but there are also many people who don’t have the umbrella of security and are not even left with the option of stepping out to earn their daily wages. Ramagya Foundation through its initiative is working during lockdown to feed the needy in various locations of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Ramagya Foundation has been providing a standardised package of rations to the daily wage labourers, construction workers, auto-rickshaw drivers, migrants, vendors and other community members which will help in sustaining their families hunger for about a week. To ensure that we inculcate good practices of personal hygiene during this pandemic, face masks and soaps to promote hand washing are also distributed. During the interaction with the community awareness on the proper technique of hand washing, the importance of social distancing and other important measures to minimise the spread of coronavirus was discussed. Ramagya Foundation is following all the guidelines issued by the government of India during the distribution of ration packets like social distancing and personal hygiene practices. Ramagya Foundation is also extending monetary help with the ration packets to meet their other requirements like medicines and toiletries.