Ramagya Foundation’s PETA Session at Gopal Saraswati Public School


We’re delighted to share our recent thought-provoking PETA session for children at Gopal Saraswati Public School, Sec-49. Our aim is to equip young minds with essential knowledge about animal welfare and encourage compassionate actions.

During the session, children immersed themselves in engaging discussions and learned facts about animals. They enthusiastically pledged to apply this newfound understanding in their daily lives, promising to respect and protect animals.

At Ramagya Foundation, we stand by PETA’s core principle: animals are not ours to exploit. We advocate for their rights and promote kindness towards all living beings. Through initiatives like the PETA session, we are striving for a world where animals are treated with dignity and compassion.

Together, we can create a future where humans and animals coexist in harmony, fostering a more compassionate world for generations to come.